Development and Outsourcing Services

Over the last 5 years, we have helped startup as well as large company shipped quality maintainable product. We deliver great user experience along with well-structured and well-tested code.

Technology We Use



Front-end programmers at Dexcode writes modular and well tested code using either ReactJS or AngularJS. We use Jasmine and CasperJS / PhantomJS to write unit test and integration test.



We use Ruby on Rails to build the backend quickly and reliably and uses Golang for real-time high performance system. For persistent storage, we use MySQL or PostgreSQL for transactional system. For non-relational databases, we use Redis or MongoDB to build highly availabile systems. We are experienced in managing infrastructures of AWS or Digital Ocean servers with Nginx and load balancer to scale the web services to accomodate the user traffic.



Our Ruby on Rails developers are experienced in integrating the web application to 3rd party services such as, phone and messaging system (Twilio), social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus), payment gateway (PayPal, Stripe), email marketing (SendGrid, Mailchimp), monitoring systems (Datadog, Newrelic), and business intelligence (Tableau).