React Native Development

Building mobile application using React Native reduces development time and cost by half. Using React Native, developers only write the code once and it runs on both Android and iOS. React Native application is also easier to maintain and allows consistent user interface on both Android and iOS. At Dexcode, we've been using React Native to develop mobile application successfully for various clients, providing better mobile experience to accompany their existing web application.

iOS Development

Besides React Native Development, we also undertake iOS Development using either Objective-C or Swift and iOS SDK to develop a native application. Native application is appropriate if the application is "heavy" such as games, video processing, image processing, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Android Development

Native Android Development using Java and Android SDK is appropriate for "heavy" applications as well such as games, video processing, image processing, virtual reality, and augmented reality. We are experienced in developing and maintaining Android application such as error reporting, A/B testing, supporting APIs, background sync, and push notifications.

Features We Have Built

With custom mobile apps, companies can reach their audience more effectively and operate more efficiently.

Supporting APIs

Most mobile app is integrated with the server to keep the users data centralized. Over the years, we have built APIs for multiple projects and mobile apps as well which supports authentication and authorization. We have implemented OAuth workflow on the API as well.

Push Notification

Notification is an integral part of the application to sync data to the mobile app. Whether it is to remind user of actions they need to do, send promotional content, or synchronize data to the user, we have a push notification backend ready that will fit your need.

Background Sync

Connectivity is often an issue with mobile app. Thus, it is important to make sure that the app is still working even though it doesn't have a connection. Our background sync solution allows requests to be sent later to the server, ensuring the app is still working with no connection.

Authentication and Authorization

Managing users authentication and authorization is not an easy task. API that implements OAuth capability and users authorization is needed and it takes considerable resources to manage this API. In the past, we have build authentication and authorization system in a cost effective manner.

App Store and Play Store Publishing

Once the development of the app is done, the app need to be published to the App Store and Play Store. We can assist you in publishing the app in App Store and Play Store and helps bring the app to market by doing A/B Testing, SEO, Advertisements, and Affiliate Marketing.

Automated Testing

Testing is an investment that is paid upfront on the development cycle. Tested software is easier to maintain, reduce the manual testing hour, and increase the velocity to ship new feature. Technologies we have used for automated testing are: Java, JUnit, Objective-C, Swift, and XCTest.

NFC and QR Code

NFC and QR Codes are often used for inventory tracking. Sophisticated inventory system like SAP has a prohibited cost and not suitable for SMEs. Our inventory tracking solution can integrate with financial system / department allowing SMEs to operate more efficiently at a fraction of the cost.

GPS, Maps, and Location

Mobile apps capability to accurately pinpoint user's location can provide advantages such as location-based marketing, augmented reality, improving logistics, and devices tracking. This capabilities allows companies to reach audience more effectively and operate more efficiently.

Mobile Analytics

Integration with mobile analytics is a priority in building a mobile application. From the analytics, we can gain insight about user behavior, perform A/B testing, and improve the user interface. Errors and crashes are logged into the analytics as well (Fabric) to ensure great user experience.

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Why Dexcode ?


Talented Programmers

We believe that ultimately it's the developer producing the code that matters. Hence, we hire only the best from all over Indonesia. Only less than 1% programmers applying at Dexcode gets hired.


Project Continuity Guaranteed

Ever hired a freelancer and they left after a while, leaving the project in disarray? These are all common problems with hiring freelancers. At Dexcode, we always have spare developers and have 2 months resignation policy.


Transfer Knowledge

As a group of developers, chances are someone in our team has done what you envisioned. As a result, developers can implement the project smoothly.


Protected Intellectual Property

Every developers in our team are bound by an intellectual property agreement protecting our clients intellectual property (IP). Over the last 6 years, we have a zero breach on intellectual property agreement.