React Development

React has become the de facto standard for front end development in web application or mobile web. Whether you need to build a single page application, a sophisticated drag and drop user interface, visualization using D3.js, we have the experience necessary to deliver the project smoothly. Dexcode is where great technical execution meets with user interface understanding coupled with market understanding to deliver flawless project.

Data Driven UI

Great user interface can offer a competitive advantage. At Dexcode, we care a lot about usability and optimising the UI to deliver great experience. To deliver, we measure carefully button clicks, page navigation, conversion rate using Mixpanel and Google Analytics. From those data, we then perform experiments or A/B test using Google Optimize or Optimizely.

Quick Prototyping

Often times, designers and developers are surprised when the users use the applications in unexpected way. Thus, we integrate user feedbacks as early as possible by building a quick prototype of the design and get the users to test the prototype and provide feedback. This design-prototype-test approach is consistent with Dexcode agile development approach.

Why Dexcode ?


Talented Programmers

We believe that ultimately it's the developer producing the code that matters. Hence, we hire only the best from all over Indonesia. Only less than 1% programmers applying at Dexcode gets hired.


Project Continuity Guaranteed

Ever hired a freelancer and they left after a while, leaving the project in disarray? These are all common problems with hiring freelancers. At Dexcode, we always have spare developers and have 2 months resignation policy.


Transfer Knowledge

As a group of developers, chances are someone in our team has done what you envisioned. As a result, developers can implement the project smoothly.


Protected Intellectual Property

Every developers in our team are bound by an intellectual property agreement protecting our clients intellectual property (IP). Over the last 6 years, we have a zero breach on intellectual property agreement.