Ruby on Rails Development

Whether you are building a startup, an automation tool to support existing business process, or maintaining existing project, we are here to help. Over the last 6 years, we have spent thousand of hours working with Ruby on Rails and developing the knowledge base and process to reduce the development time of Ruby on Rails application.

Project We Have Done

No matter how complex the projects you have envisioned, chances are we have build something similiar, thus reducing the time to deliver a custom software solutions to fit your need.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Our custom software solutions help companies make better resource allocation decision. A custom software allows you to make faster and better decision compared to building models and simulations on Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheet.

System Administration

Whether you need to manage existing servers or scale your application to accomodate lots of users traffic we'll get you covered. We are experienced in scaling servers to hundreds of thousands of users per month. We are experienced with AWS, Heroku, and DIgital Ocean.

Software Testing

Tested softwares are easier to maintain and increase the velocity of the development team in shipping new feature. In the past, we have built integration test, system test, and unit test using technologies such as: RSpec, Capybara, Selenium, Enzyme, Jasmine, PhantomJS, CasperJS.

Voice and SMS System Integration

Voice and SMS integrations are often used for promotional marketing or to provide better customer support. In developing countries, SMS is more accessible than email, providing a more effective way to reach your audience. Our technologies include Twillio, Nexmo, AWS SNS, and others.

Big Data and Visualization

Most companies nowadays harness the massive amount of data available to make better company decisions. With big data visualization, companies can save money by increasing operating efficiency. Our custom build solution uses Hadoop, Spark, Python and JavaScript.

Mobile Application Development

In developing countries, mobile usage can reach up to 90% of the total traffic. Also, mobile application provides better user experience compared to mobile web. Reach your customers more effectively using custom mobile application build with React Native, Objective-C, Swift, and Java.

System Integration

Today, successful projects rarely stand alone application. Rather, they are integrated with all other existing applications to add more value to customers. Integrate your app to other services such as Google Maps, Mixpanel, Datadog, Google Analytics, and other services.


Developers API allows application to be integrated with other application such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. In this increasingly integrated world, API service allows mobile app, desktop app, and other applications to access your service as well.

SEO and Web Design

Most small business entrepreneur agreed that web site design and SEO is very important in generating and converting lead. As a one stop solution company, we helped our customer with their digital marketing strategy, creating a cohesion between the product purpose and its marketing strategy.

Let's Digitally Transform Business Together


Why Dexcode ?


Talented Programmers

We believe that ultimately it's the developer producing the code that matters. Hence, we hire only the best from all over Indonesia. Only less than 1% programmers applying at Dexcode gets hired.


Project Continuity Guaranteed

Ever hired a freelancer and they left after a while, leaving the project in disarray? These are all common problems with hiring freelancers. At Dexcode, we always have spare developers and have 2 months resignation policy.


Transfer Knowledge

As a group of developers, chances are someone in our team has done what you envisioned. As a result, developers can implement the project smoothly.


Protected Intellectual Property

Every developers in our team are bound by an intellectual property agreement protecting our clients intellectual property (IP). Over the last 6 years, we have a zero breach on intellectual property agreement.